Who’s That Girl?

Nikki loves design (fortunate, seeing as she’s so damn good at it).

She’s talented (finds beauty where it’s not apparent) and experienced (a 1998 AAA School of Advertising graduate, with several agencies on her “real-life” timeline, plus-15-plus years flying solo).

She’s resourceful (fathoms the seemingly un-; resolves issues; creates solutions).

She’s elastic, yet fastidious (pays attention to accuracy and detail, integrating discrete elements, seemingly effortlessly). All of which are rare and beautiful things, she’s heard, and which make an immeasurable difference, she’s been told, especially with the long-form stuff (the kind requiring crystal concentration, intensively).

Oh, and she likes a laugh. And she’s a friend of the deadline. And you’ve just found her.

Bring on the champers!